How does the write-off money occur?

You pay for the service on a monthly basis. We write off money on the same day of the month. This is the number of your transition to the tariff plan. If there is no such day in the current month (for example, 31 in February), the write-off will occur on the last day of the month. After writing off, we check whether you have enough money for the next month. If there is not enough, we will send you an email about this and write a message in your account. If you did not pay for two weeks, we will transfer your account to a free plan.

Change of tariff plan

When changing the tariff plan, we write off the amount spent this month. It is calculated from the number of days after the write-off. Incomplete days are rounded up. When the tariff is changed, the number of the month of charge-off is updated.

Live Balance

Your account settings show your balance for the current day. It is calculated as follows:
If payment is not paid in time, the balance can go into minus within two weeks. There are no penalties or overpayments in this case. The final balance will be the same regardless of whether you have filled the balance in a timely manner or not.
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