How the subscription fee is charged?

You pay for the service monthly. We charge money from your balance and generate an invoice every month on the same day. This is the day when you have initially subscribed to a plan. If this day is not present in the current month (for example, 31 in February), the last day of the month is used instead. After the money has been charged, we check whether you have enough funds to renew your plan. If you don't, we will send you an email notification and will show a warning in your account settings. After that if you still didn't pay within two weeks, we will downgrade your account to a free plan.

Changing of subscription plan

When you change the plan, we charge only the amount spent during current subscription period. It is calculated using the number of days after the last renewal of the plan. Incomplete days are rounded up. When the plan is changed, the day of the month for next plan renewal is also updated.

Live balance

Your account settings show your balance for the current day. It is calculated using this formula:
If payment is not paid in time, the balance can go into minus within two weeks. If you do not pay on time, the balance will still go below $0 within two weeks. We give you this credit so that you have more time to pay for the next month. There are no penalties or additional payments in this case. The final balance will absolutely be the same regardless of whether you have paid on time or not.
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