What happens if I don't pay on time?

A month after subscription plan was changed, we charge the monthly price of the plan. Then we check whether there is enough funds for a renewal of the plan.
If you have enough funds, the plan is renewed automatically. And in the next month the system will charge the plan price again and will try to renew the plan. And so on.
If you don't have enough funds, we will give you 2 weeks to pay. We will send you the following message:
We will also highlight the parameters button:
And we will show you a warning in the parameters window:
If you pay within these 2 weeks, the plan will work in the same way as if you had initially paid on time. There are no penalties or additional fees. Your final balance will be the same, regardless of whether you have paid on time or not.
If don't pay withing these 2 weeks, we will downgrade your account to a free plan. At this moment we will also generate an invoice for 2 weeks of usage period. So then if you want to upgrade your plan back you will need to pay for these 2 weeks and for the plan price. In this case, the plan renewal date will be updated. There are also no penalties or additional fees. You pay only for days of actual use.
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