What happens if I do not replenish the balance on time?

A month after switching to the tariff plan, the system will write off the payment for a month. After that, she will check whether there will be enough funds for an extension for another month.
If the funds are sufficient, the tariff plan is extended. And in a month the system will write off these funds from the account and again try to extend the plan. And so on.
If the funds are not enough, we will give 2 weeks to replenish. We will send you the following message:
We will highlight the parameters to remind:
And we will write you such a message on the form of the parameters:
If you manage to replenish the balance, the tariff plan will continue to operate until the usual scheduled day of write-off. There are no penalties in this case. Your balance will be the same regardless of whether you have replenished it on time or after warning of shortage of funds.
If within two weeks you do not replenish the balance, the system will transfer you to a free plan. At the same time they will write off the money spent for these two weeks. When returning to the tariff plan, you will have to compensate these funds and pay a new month of use. In this case, the monthly cancellation date will shift. In this case, there are also no surcharges or fines. You pay only for days of actual use.
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