Adding a widget to the Joomla site

1. Set up the resource and widget.
2. Go to the extension installation.
3. Download the archive from Bukza plugin and upload it to your Joomla site.
4. Go to managing the extensions, then find the Bukza plug-in in the list and activate it.
5. Now you need to find out the User ID and the Timetable ID (widget ID) in your widget settings. The widget URL ends with these two numbers separated by a slash:[user]/[timetable].

6. Finally, go back to your Joomla site, open the page to which you want to add the widget, and insert the code:

      {bukza user='148' timetable='2207' tag='BukzaContainer'}

Replace '148' with your User ID, '2207' with your Timetable ID. The tag ID - 'BukzaContainer' is only required to be changed if several widgets are displayed on the same page at the same time.

7. Save the page, and now when you view the result instead of code, you will see a widget with your widget.