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First questions
Why do I need your service? Is it paid? Will the service increase site traffic? What are the alternatives to your service? Will your service suit my business? What will the widget look like on the site? Is it necessary to conduct Internet in the institution? Do I need a computer for the administrator? Will I be able to install the widget on my site? Is there a limit on the number of reserved resources and widgets? Can I post multiple widgets on the site? Can I post the widget on different sites? How many administrators can work at the same time? Can a overbooking happen? If competitors start to book? How to register? How do I customize the service? Can you help me customize? Can I install your solution on my server? Can the system automatically transfer order data to our API? How to transfer orders to CRM (Bitrix24, AmoCRM, etc.)?
What does 100 customers mean in the Free plan? What is the difference between paid tariffs? How to recharge the balance? How does the write-off money occur? How to change the tariff plan? What happens if I do not replenish the balance on time? Can I refill the balance immediately for several months, and is there a discount for it?
Account settings
How to log in? What if I forgot my password? What e-mail will I receive messages from the service? How to change the password? Is it possible to work in an application to several administrators under different accounts? What currencies does the service support? Can I change the time zone after registration? Where should I specify the rules for the provision of services that the client must confirm? How to delete an account?
Resource setting
What can be a resource, and what is the price option? Resource types: event and rental. What's the difference? What images can I upload for my resources? What if you book one resource and make the other one unavailable? Can I copy resources?
Work time
Is it possible to determine the length of the reservation depending on the selected services? Can I rent by the hour? Can I rent out on days? Can I rent by the minute? What if I have fixed time slots? Why does the time on the calendar merge in one period? Is it possible to sell tickets for a specific date and time? How to quickly make a specific time unavailable? I have a non-standard work schedule. Will I be able to configure it? How do the repetition periods work? How to exclude time from a repeating period? Can I block the time between reservations to service a resource? We can book only in advance, for three days. What to do? We have discounts for bookings for the month. Can this be done? Can the client book the time after the event starts? You can't book with us for less than two hours. As this ban? Is it possible to set up a resource so that the start of the lease can be chosen only within 4 days from the moment of booking, and the end of the lease is any? Can I hide the end date from the widget to display only the date when the client should come?
Price options settings
What is the best thing to do if we rent a resource in one copy? How to set different prices depending on the time of day or day of the week? How do I set the hourly rental price? How do I set a fixed cost for any rental duration? How can I set children's rates cheaper than adults? How do I rent out the whole place? We have different number of tickets on different days. How can this be achieved? On certain days, we do not have one of the price options available. Can this be done?
Collect additional information
How do I set up the requested contact information for my client? Can I not ask for an email? Can I set up a single phone number entry pattern (+7-000-000-00-00)? How can I request consent to the processing of personal data? I want to ask additional questions from the client at the time of booking. How to do it?
Provision of related services
We also want to sell T-shirts when booking. How to do it? I want to offer additional equipment when booking, but we have it in limited quantities. Can this be arranged? At us the price of accompanying services too hourly. Is this supported?
Discounts and surcharges
How to create a discount of 10%, valid on certain days/hours? We have extra pay for guests over eight people. Can this be done? We have the price of one hour - $100 but from the third hour the price becomes $80. How to do this? We book by days, but prices themselves for weeks and months. Is this supported? At us the action: three tickets under the price of two. How to do it? We rent one scooter for $1000 per hour, but the price of each subsequent scooter drops to $800 per hour. How to do this? We rent by the day and by the hour, but we issue and accept the inventory only during working hours. How to setup? We do not include related products at a discount. Is it possible to exclude them? At us the discount operates, only if the client has chosen self-delivery. Can this be done? How to write formulas for prices? How are the components of the price calculated in detail? What if there are discounts at different times?
Display hints and warnings on the widget
How can I display additional information for the client? I need to show warnings if the customer has indicated that he will get to the site himself. How to do it? We do not want to allow booking less than three tickets. How to do it?
Widget settings
How to make a resource directory? Can I change any text of the widget to my own? Which languages does the widget support? Can I set another currency for the widget? Can I change the design of the widget to make it part of the site? How can I hide the duration from the widget? How can I remove indents when hanging panel? How can I hide the cost from the widget? I only have one tariff and it is always selected, can I hide it at all? I do not like time bands, can I remove them? Can I change the design of a widget without a web designer, and how?? Do I need to update the widget code on the site when I change anything in the widget? Can I run my js code while widget events? How to connect Yandex.Metrica? How do I connect Google Analytics? Can I transfer the customer to the site page after a successful order?
Reservation tables
How do orders differ from bookings? Can I customize my columns, sort and filter in a table and save? Can I delete an order from the table? How do I unload a list of all bookings for all time in Excel? It would be convenient for me to have a list of visitors for today and to celebrate all who came. How is this best done? Why scan the QR code for the order? How to do it?
Creature of reservation
How do I make a reservation on the phone? I want to check every order before the time lock on the calendar. How to work? Can I, as an administrator, book over the limit?
Manage reservations
What do order statuses mean? What does the visit status mean? And how to change it? Can I set up one button to confirm the order, withdraw the prepayment and send a confirmation letter? How can I automatically cancel all pending reservations that I have not confirmed within a certain time? Can I view all the emails sent to the client from the service? How will I see the price for which the client booked, if the prices for the services I changed? The client delivered the money to me personally. Can I somehow mark this in the system? How can I see how much the customer has to pay in advance? The client asked to cancel one of the two orders and transfer the prepaid funds from the first order to the second. How to do it right?
Payment integration
Is it possible to accept reservations without prepayment? Can I use my Internet acquiring? What if I accept a prepayment from the client to the card? What if I want to show my customer a payment form?
Letters and messages
I want letters to customers to come from my company's mail. How to do it? Can I customize my design and text for letters? How to send SMS notifications?
How to use promotions? How do I set up vouchers? How to work with gift cards? How to set up discount cards correctly?
Google Calendar
How do I set up sync with Google Calendar? How does synchronization with the Google Calendar work in detail?
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