We rent by the day and by the hour, but we issue and accept the inventory only during working hours. How to setup?

We describe one of the possible solutions.
Create a general work rule for rent by the hour. For example, working hours are daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM with hourly rental intervals.
Now create a rule for non-working time. Select for him, for example, a gray color. Hide it from the description of colors on the calendar. Set up the work time - daily, full day. You do not need to add rent intervals.
The created rule for non-working time will be under the worker.
Daily rent we will calculate using a price option, and the hourly pricing component.
Create a price option. Set the price for the day. For example, $500 for 1 interval. The interval in our case is night.
On the working rule it is necessary to set the price of the price option - 0. Hourly rent during working hours we will process below.
So far it turned out like this:
Now create a pricing component to calculate the hourly cost. Name the parameter for the number of reserved tprice option units. For example, BIKE.
Let's say the hour's price is $100. Write the formula. $100 rubles multiplied by the number of hours and multiplied by the number of pieces.
100 * [INTERVALS] * [BIKE]
Now go to the Applicability tab and deselect the Apply even if there are missing rental intervals.
Turn off the price component on the gray rule of work. Now the hourly cost will be calculated only if booked during business hours. And the daily cost will be considered when gray intervals were booked.
The result was a calendar:
Проверим. We reserve 5 bicycles for 3 days. It turns out 500 * 3 * 5 = $7500 .
And now we'll also book the remaining 5 bicycles for 5 hours on the same days. It turns out 100 * 5 * 5 = $2500 .
The calendar after booking will be as follows:
And here is a living example of all these settings. Try to book by yourself.
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