How to make discounts not add up?

To get the desired result rank the discounts in order of importance. The higher the discount is the higher its priority.
Suppose you already have a resource with different price components. For example, hourly rentals with discounts:
1. Birthday discount - 25%;
2. Discount from 3 hours - 20%;
3. Multiple Discount - 15%.
You need to do this:
- If the first discount is working then the 2 following discounts do not work.
- If the second discount works the third discount does not work.
- The third discount works if the first two discounts did not work.
In this resource the birthday discount is located at the very top which means that its priority is higher. In any case the discount will work if the flag is set for my birthday. Its settings do not need to be changed. Go to the next discount.
Open the second discount and go to the Constraints tab. Below choose which component Exclude by other components. In this case it is a birthday discount.
Now open the constraints tab of the following component. Also select which component Exclude by other components. This resource is the first two discounts.
In the pricing components we get the following configuration:
See an example in action.
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