Customers can book for any number of days, but our prices depends on the number of reserved weeks and months. Is this supported?

In this case, you can set the cost using pricing components.
Create a separate pricing component for each duration. For example: 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc. In each component, limit it to the appropriate number of days.
This can be done on the Constraints tab:
Alternatively, you can set a single formula based on the number of days booked.
Let's make a formula for months. For example, the cost is $1000 / month.
$1000 is multiplied by the number of booked days that are divided by 31 (a number of days in a month). Since the months are different, there may be inaccuracies of several days for long bookings.
1000 * Ceiling([INTERVALS]/31)
In this formula, we used the Ceiling function. It rounds the number up.
For the formula of weeks, simply replace 31 with 7.
See this example in action:
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