We take extra charge for guests over eight people. How to configure this?

Let's say you already have a resource with a field for the number of guests. For example, an hourly resource with a price of $100 / hour.
Now, create a pricing component for the extra charge for each guest over 8. Click +.
1. Enter a name for the component.
2. Enter the name of the formula parameter for the number of guests. For example, GUESTS.
3. Enter the formula. We multiply $100 by the number of guests over eight. And all this is multiplied by [INTERVALS] — the number of reserved hours.
100 * ([GUESTS] - 8) * [INTERVALS]
4. Click the Constraints tab.
The formula will be negative if the number of guests is less than eight. To avoid this, set 9 as a minimal number of guests. Now the pricing component will be applied only if the number of guests is 9 or more. Save it.
You will get the following configuration:
Let's check. Choose 2 hours and 11 guests.
Formula: 100 * (11-8)*2 = $600.
Look at the example in action.
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