How to create a 10% discount that is valid on certain days/hours?

Let's say you already have a resource with the rule of work. For example, an hourly rental.
Now you need to create a new rule to determine the discount time. Click on the Add rule button.
Enter a Name, select a Color, and save.
In the time configuration form click on the Add period button. Enter the start and end time of the period when discount should be applied. If it is a recurrent discount then specify how to repeat this period in time.
Now add an hourly step.
The created rule now has the lowest priority. Therefore, it is overlapped by the old rule. To change the priority, click on the Reorder button.
Drag the rule to the bottom of the list and save it.
Now create a pricing component for a discount.
Enter the name, set the formulat to be "-10" and pick "%". Disable the component so that it does not work in all rules.
Now click on the intersection of the new rule and the component. Enable the price component in this rule and save it.
The discount setup is complete. The configuration looks like this:
Customer calendar view:
Discount applied:
The discount for the total amount is valid even if you booked at the intersection of the rules. For example, from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
You can make the discount apply only within the rule. It will not work at intersections of the rules. To do this, open the component settings. In the section At the intersection of rules applies if pick Enabled in all rules and save.
You can see this example in action:
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