How to request additional information only for a specific price option?

You can hide and show interface elements when selecting various reservation options. You can do this by using a reaction of type Add class. You will also need a little experience with HTML.
Let's do it with the resource "Snowboard rental". In the resource configuration, click Add reaction.
Enter a name, e.g. "Show size". Select type Add Class. Make up a name for the CSS class. e.g. show-size. Then add a condition.
Select the condition that one share of the "Snowboard with boots" price option is selected and save it.
Now, when choosing this price option, the CSS class show-size will be added to the reservation form on the widget.
Now you need to write a simple CSS in order to hide the field from the form. Go to the widget and pick some available time. A reservation form will be shown with a field we need. Open the page markup and find the id of this field. Right-click on the field and select View the code. In our case, the field id is field_49225.
After that, open the widget settings. Go to the Design panel. Set the Custom CSS style checkbox. And add the following css:
#field_49225 { display: none; }
.show-size #field_49225 { display: block; }
Check the result on the widget:
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