I want to ask additional questions from the client at the time of booking. How to do it?

Request any information from customers. To do this, open the resource settings and add the desired field.
You can upload pictures to fields of all types. Fields like Number and Checkbox can be made paid and limited. Use the same field in multiple resources. To do this, in the field settings, select the Available in other resources checkbox.
If at the same time you limit the number of participants, then these participants will be distributed among all reservations, regardless of the resource.
If you do not want to show the fields on the reservation form, set the checkbox Show only to managers. Then only the administrator can fill in the additional information.


If you need to know from the client the answer of the format 'yes / no', create a field Checkbox. On the configuration form, specify a name. For example: 'I have a birthday'. Save it.
In the order, the Checkbox field looks like this:


If the answer to the question should be an integer, create the Number field. Example: 'Number of people'.
When choosing services on the widget, the Number field looks like this:


If you need a response in text format, create a Text field. For example, if you need to know the date of birth, the address of delivery, etc.
On the widget, the Text field looks like this:

Text area

If the text does not fit in one line, create a Text area field. For example, customer wishes for the order.
On the widget, the Text area field looks like this:


If you need to select one of the options, create a field Options. Enter a name, for example: 'Choose a color'. Then enter the variants through Enter.
The field on the widget looks like this:


The Dropdown field is one more way to enumerate options. Here you also need to list the value from a new line.
On the widget, the field looks like this:

Multiple options

If the customer can select more than one option, create a Multiple options field. For example, drinks options:
On the widget, the field looks like this:
See the operation of all field types in action:
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