I want to ask additional questions during the booking process. How can I do this?

Request any information from your customers. To do this, open the resource configuration panel and add the field you need.
You can add images for your fields. Fields of types Number and Checkbox can be paid and limited. Use the same field in multiple resources by setting the Available in other resources checkbox. To do this, in the field settings, select the Available in other resources checkbox.
Note that if your field is available in other resources and you limit the number of shares, these shares will be distributed among all bookings of all resources where they were used.
If you do not want to show the fields on the reservation form, set the Show only to managers checkbox. This will hide these fields from your customers.


If you need to get a yes/no response from the customer, create the Checkbox field. On the settings form, enter a name. For example: 'I have a birthday'. Save.
In the reservation form, the Checkbox field looks like this:


If the answer to the question must be an integer, create the Number field. For example: 'Number of persons'.
On the widget, the Number field looks like this:


If you need a response in text format, create a Text field. For example, if you need to know the date of birth, the address of delivery, etc.
On the widget, the Text field looks like this:

Text area

If the text doesn't fit in a single line, create a Text area field. For example, 'Your wishes'.
On the widget, the Text area field looks like this:


If you want the customer to select one of the options, create an Options field. Enter a name, for example: 'Choose a color'. Then list the options each on a new line. For example:
These Options on the widget look like this :


The Dropdown list field is another way to list your options. Here you also should list all possible values each on a new line.
On the widget, the Dropdown field looks like this:

Multiple options

If the customer can select more than one option, create a Multiple options field. For example, 'drinks' options:
On the widget, the Multiple options field looks like this:
See how all types of fields work in action:
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