Can I change the widget's appearance?

Colors, fonts, and widget styles can be customized using CSS. For example, if you add these rules to the widget settings:
    .calendar-header{background:#faecb9;color: #6a5d22;}
    .colors__name{color: #6a5d22;}
You will get a widget like this:
The widget has 4 predefined themes: light, dark, vk (indigo) and ok (orange). Both light and dark theme allows you to pick the main color of elements. You can also overlay your custom styles on top of any color theme.
It's up to you where to place the widget on the page. You can open it in a pop-up window or on a separate page. Usually, users place it as a block inside the page.
The widget was developed for use on mobile devices. It is lightweight, fast and responsive. Try to open it from your tablet or smartphone.
If you are on the Business subscription plan, we will help you with customizing the widget styles.
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