Will I be able to install the widget on my site?

The widget code consists of two parts: element <DIV> for inserting the widget and the JS code. The widget does not slow down loading other parts of your page. The JS code loads from our server the iframe insert script into the & lt; DIV & gt; element. The widget code is located on the Code tab in the widget's settings. It looks like this:
Your site can be static HTML or run on the CMS engine.
In the first case, you simply insert all the code into the right place of the site and it works right away. Where the <DIV>element lies, the widget will be displayed there.
If you have a site on the CMS, it should support the insertion of your HTML and js code. In the page designer, create your own HTML block. Add it to where the widget will be Insert the <DIV> element from the widget's code into it. Then add your JS code to this page. Insert the JS code from the widget's code into it.

What if the CMS does not support the insertion of its JS code?

In this case, you can insert the widget directly into the iframe. But then the height of the widget will be fixed, so it is better to set it as large as possible. Copy the link to the widget to the clipboard on the Code tab in the widget's settings. Then in the page designer in the CMS, create an HTML block. Insert the following code into it:
<iframe src="COPIED LINK" style="width:100%;border:none;height:1000px"></iframe>
You can check the work of your code online. Paste it after the <body> tag in JS BIN.

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