Will the service increase attendance of the site?

Installing a widget on a site with low traffic will not make it high instantly. You will need to invest in the promotion of your website.
But now it will become easier. You will show on the site an unoccupied time with the opportunity to book and pay. Customers will have a reason to visit your site regularly. You will be able to advertise online booking as much as possible: put this information instead of a beep when you call the company, announce in social networks, make stickers on the windows.
You can use our promotion tools: promotions, coupons, gift and discount cards.
All this will eventually increase the traffic to your site and increase your search position.

Why should I promote the site if there are aggregators?

If you send customers to book on aggregators, you invest in the development of the aggregator brand. On the aggregator pages, the client sees offers your competitors. You create a client for the site of the aggregator, not the customer of the your company.
Entrepreneurs who love their work, always see its development in the future. From one institution will create a network of institutions throughout the city. Develop a franchise for the whole country or the world.
Start creating the site you are visiting now. Use our tools and take this step towards brand building and increasing business value.
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