How does synchronization with the Google Calendar work in detail?

Google Calendar does not notify our service about the changes. Our service itself sends requests and commands to Google Calendar. Periodically interrogates him for changes. Therefore, changes to the calendar in Bukza may not appear immediately, with a delay of a minute. However, when booking we always make a preliminary synchronization, so that there will not be a rebooking.

To Google Calendar

Only orders with the statuses Pending and Confirmed are sent to the Google Calendar. With any change in dates or statuses, we immediately send changes to the Google calendar. We tag the events sent to Google by a special feature to distinguish our from your events.

From Google Calendar

When we receive data from Google, we skip our events to avoid duplicating them. The events unloaded from Google are not converted into full-fledged bookings, but only block the time on the calendar. If you change the "no-show" events on the side of Google, they are also updated in the Bukza calendar during synchronization. But you do not need to change the events marked with the Bukza text on the Google calendar. Their change will not affect the original booking in our system.
Our service does not handle recurring events in the Google calendar. If you have recurring events, make this time inaccessible in Bukza. Для этого создайте недоступное правило работы. Indicate in it repetitive periods. How to create this rule, see here.

Number of occupied places

In the event description, you can add a number in square brackets. Our system will perceive it as the number of occupied places of the resource - Total share count booking.
If the number of occupied places is not specified, it is considered that the entire resource has been booked.
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