How do I set up sync with Google Calendar?

Integration with Google Calendar is available at Business. To change the tariff please follow the instruction.
Then follow these steps:
1. Open the Google Calendar settings. Click the Share with specific people tab. Add a new user with the address and the ability to make changes.
2. On the Integrate calendar tab, copy the Calendar ID.
3. Open the basic settings for the resource. In the Sync with Google Calendar section, click Add.
4. Insert the Calendar ID that you want to copy. Then set the Export internal reservations to Google calendar and Import external reservations from Google Calendar checkboxes.
5. Save it.
After that, all Bukza reservations are displayed on the Google calendar with a Bukza tag and contact details.
The time spent in Google only blocks time on the Bukza calendar. No data about the event is transmitted.
You can add multiple Google calendars to a single resource.
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