How can I sync my reservations with Google Calendar?

Integration with Google Calendar is available on the Business plan. To change the tariff, use the instructions.
To connect Google Calendar, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Integration section.
2. In the Google Calendar section, click Create configuration.
3. In the opened window enter any desired name for the integration and click Authorize in Google.
4. Then pick a Google account that has access to the calendar you want to synchronize.
5. Provide requested rights.
6. Now the authorization process in Google is completed.
7. Next, click Add.
8. Select the resource and calendar that you want to sync.
9. Set the export and import reservations checkboxes, click OK and save all changes.
10. You can use your own text and the parameters.
If you added a new calendar to your Google account, you need to update your configuration in Bukza. To do this, open the configuration and click Authorize in Google. After re-authorization, the new calendar will appear in the calendar list.
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