How to send reminders about an upcoming reservation?

Go to the dashboard and open Templates and integrations. Create a new message template.
1. Enter the name of the template — "Reminder".
2. Click on the title and enter some email title. For example:
«[bukza_resource_name] in 3 hours.».
3. Set the Attach QR code of order number checkbox.
4. Click on the message content and enter the required content of the message. For example:
« Start: [bukza_start_date].
Order number: [bukza_order_number]
Then return to the dashboard and open Triggers. Create an automatic trigger - "Reminder". It should run 3 hours Before reservation starts.
Add a task to the trigger. Add an action to it Send email "Reminder". Also specify that the trigger should Run for each reservation.
You will get this configuration:
The setup is complete. Now, the client will receive an email with a reminder 3 hours before each reservation.
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