How to use discount cards?

Open the Promote section. Click on Create discount card.
Enter the following parameters:
1. Enter a Name. It is used for your convenience.
2. Select Enabled.
3. Save.
Now open the created discount card. Click on Open codes of the card.
Click Create code.
Enter the Code of the discount card. You can leave the field blank. In this case the system will generate it automatically. If necessary, add a comment. For example, the name and surname of the customer. Save.
In this way, you can add the discount card numbers to the system. You can also add multiple codes at once. To do this, set the Create multiple checkbox.
Discount cards codes are reusable. Delete the code if you need to stop it working.
Now you need to attach this discount card to the resource. To do this, go to the resource configuration. And create a Pricing component.
Enter the title. It will be displayed in the order invoice. Specify the formula for the discount. For example, -10 and percentage. Then click on the Add condition button.
Pick the Discount card from the list of conditions. Then select the created discount card and save it.
See the result in action. Create an order and enter the code for the discount card: 0000123.
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