How to work with gift cards?

In the Promote section click Create gift card.
Enter a name and click Create.
Now you need to attach this gift card to the resource. To do this, go to the resource configuration. And create a Pricing component.
Enter the title. It is displayed in the order invoice. Specify the formula -100 % and click on the Add condition button.
Pick the Gift card from the list of conditions. Then select the created gift card and save it.
Open the created gift card and click Open gift card codes.
Set the Button for codes on the dashboard checkbox if you want to open the list of codes directly from the dashboard.
In the code table, click Create code.
  • On the settings form, enter a unique code.
  • Add a comment if necessary. Customers will not see it.
  • Specify the expiration date of the code. If you leave it empty, the code will work infinitely.
  • You can also set a time range for reservations. Then the code will be valid for reservations of the time within the specified range.
  • Set the amount of the gift card.
Make a test order and apply the code.
The discount was added, and the total amount is reduced.
Set up gift cards as season tickets
To do this, follow all the steps listed above.
Then specify the number of reservations. In this case, the discount amount will be limited only by the formula of the pricing component. After the end of the specified number of reservations, the code will stop working.
Instead of the number of reservations, you can specify the total amount (the maximum discount amount). In this case, the total amount of the discount for all reservations will not exceed the specified amount. When whole amount is spent, the code will stop working.
In the code settings, you can see all orders where the code was applied and the remaining amount of the code. To go to the reservation or order, click on the order number.
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