How to work with gift cards?

In the Promotion section click Create gift card.
Enter a name and save.
Open the map and click Open codes of the card.
If the Quick access to codes from the dashboard check box is left on the code table will be displayed next to the order tables.
In the code table, click Create code.
On the setup form, specify a unique code. It should not be repeated with any code in the means of promotion. If the code field is left blank it will be automatically assigned.
Specify the duration of the code and comment.
If you want to limit the maximum number of bookings for this code, then specify the number of bookings.
Specify the maximum total discount amount. If the field is left empty the discount amount will be limited only by the formula of the price component.
If you need to add multiple codes at once set the flag Create multiple.
Now open the resource configuration. Create a Pricing components. Click +.
On the Parameters tab enter a name, price formula and go to the Constraints tab. The name will be shown in the order.
On the Constraints tab select the Gift card promotion tool and save.
Make a test order and apply the code.
The discount was added and the total amount was less.
In the code settings you can see in which order it was used and the balance amount. To go to the reservation or to the order, click on the number of the reservation or order.
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