How to use promotions?

Open the Promote section. Click Create promotion.
On the form of creation, follow the steps:
1. Enter Name. It is used for your convenience.
2. Enter Code. The code can be left blank. The system will assign it automatically. The stock codes are used many times. If you want to stop the work of the action, turn it off or delete it.
3. Select Enabled.
4. Specify the validity period of the promotion.
5. Save it.
Open the resource configuration. Create a pricing component. Click +.
Enter the title. It is displayed in the order basket.
Specify the formula for the discount. For example, -20 and percent. Click the Constraints tab.
Below, select the required promote item Promotion. Save it.
You can see the result in action. Create an order and enter the code for the discount 12345.
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