How to use vouchers?

In the Promote section, click Create voucher.
1. Enter a Name.
2. Select Enabled.
3. Specify the period when the voucher is valid.
4. Save it.
Open the voucher and click on Open codes of the voucher.
Click + to add a new code.
Enter the Code of the voucher. You can leave the field blank. In this case the system will generate it automatically. Also you can add a comment. For example, the company where the voucher was issued.
Similarly, add all voucher codes. Each voucher code can be used only once. You can also add multiple codes quickly. To do this, set Create мultiple checkbox..
Now you need to attach this voucher to the resource. To do this, go to the resource configuration. And create a Pricing component. Enter a name and specify a formula. For example, -100 and $. Then click on the Add condition button.
Pick the Voucher from the list of conditions. Then select the created voucher and save it.
Voucher setup is complete.
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