How do I make a reservation on the phone?

Open the control panel. To do this, go to your Bukza account. To enter the system, use the convenient way for you.
You can also switch to the control panel from the configuration. To do this, click the Back button in the upper left corner.
On the control panel you will see the tables. Click on one of the tables. For example, the table Orders.
A list of orders opens. Here, click the Create order button.
Select the resource and fill in the parameters. Click Continue to go to the cart.
Several reservations can be added to the booking cart. To do this, click Add more to order.
To complete the order, you must close the Cart status. To do this, enter the contact information and save it. Then, click Confirm.
Order completed. Now he has an order number and status Confirmed.
Thus, make an application, which come by phone.
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