What can be a resource, and what is the price option?

Resource this is what customers book. It can be anything: a room, a bicycle, a court, a quest, a boat, a ticket to an event.
It is important that customers can reserve a resource a limited number of times per unit of time. For example, imagine that we organize the same views in the three halls. The time of representations sometimes overlaps. In this case, the resource is not a presentation, but a separate room.
In one resource you can create several price options. Price options can be applied for different purposes.


The price option can simply set the price.
A resource can be in one instance. For example, a flat. In this case, create one exclusive price option and specify the price. Exclusive price option is used for booking the whole institution. With such parameters, the customer does not have to choose a price option, only the time of visit.
Also, the resource can be in several copies. For example, 10 bicycles. Then create one shared price option, specify the number of pieces and the price. In this case, the client will choose the number of bicycles when booking.
You can combine shared and exclusive price options. For example, if you want to offer the client to book the entire stadium, not quarterly.

Type of ticket

A price option can divide a resource into subtypes. In this case, you create several price options in one resource. There are quite a few usage options here. We list some of them.
  • Different categories of tickets: adults / children, with table / stage, etc.

  • Places. For example, you can list places in a minivan. The client will mark them one by one.

  • Number of guests. You can create several exclusive price options for a different number of guests.

  • Time. You can even conditionally divide the resource time with the help of price options.

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