What can be a resource, and what is the price option in Bukza?

A resource is anything that your customers book. It can be anything: a room, a vehicle, a service, a tour, a class, or a ticket to an event.
It is worth noting that customers can reserve a resource a limited number of times in a single period of time. For example, imagine that we organize some sort of an event in three rooms. And the time of specific events can sometimes overlap (as they are in different rooms). In this case, the resource is not an event, but a separate room.
You can create multiple price options in a single resource. They can be used for different purposes.


The price option can simply set the price.
A resource can be in a single instance. For example, a room. In this case, create one price option for the whole resource and specify the price. With these parameters, the customer does not have to choose a price option, only the time of visit.
The resource can also be in multiple instances. For example, 10 bikes. Then create a Shared price option, specify the number of shares and their price. In this case, the client will choose the number of bikes when booking.
You can combine shared price options and price options for the whole resource. For example, if you want to offer the customer to book the entire football pitch and one of its parts separately.

Type of ticket

A price option can be treated as a subtype of a resource. In this case, you create several price options in the same resource. There are quite a lot of use cases here. Let's list some of them.
  • Different ticket types: adults / children, with a table / next to the stage, etc.

  • Places. For example, you can list seats in a Shuttle bus. The customer will pick them one by one.

  • Number of guests. You can create several price options for the whole resource for a different number of guests.

  • Time. You can even use price options as time slots.

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