How can I transfer configuration from one resource to other resources?

To transfer settings, open the resource where the desired settings are already configured. Click on the Transfer Configuration button in the top right corner.
Click on the configuration elements that you wish to transfer. Then click Transfer.
For the selected elements, a configuration patch will be generated in JSON MERGE PATCH format.
The patch uses the element name as a key for each type of element: rules of work, price options, fields, pricing components, and reactions. If you wish to update an element, it must have the identical name in the resource being processed.
You can apply the patch to multiple resources at once. To do this, select the desired resources from the dropdown list: all resources, resources of a specific group, or widget.
After loading the list of processed resources, you can manually remove unnecessary resources from it by clicking on the cross icon to the right of the resource.
To start the transfer, click on Apply.
The process of updating resources will start (one resource after another). Changes to elements are either applied immediately to the entire resource or not applied at all. For example, if an error occurs while saving the last of the updated elements of the resource, the processed resource will remain unchanged.
You can stop or restart the update process at any time. Reapplying the patch to an already processed resource will not make any changes.
If necessary, you can remove some settings from the configuration patch to leave them unchanged in resources. This way, for example, you can mass update the deposit settings of the pricing component without changing the formula and other settings:
With the configuration patch, you can modify and delete any settings except for resource and field images, and mutual resource blocking settings.

Deleting Elements

To delete configuration elements, open the resource that contains these elements. Click on the Transfer Configuration button in the top right corner. Select the elements you wish to delete from other resources. Then click Delete from Resources.
A similar configuration patch will be generated, but instead of settings, there will be a null value next to each deleted element.
You can delete any configuration elements: rules of works, price options, fields, pricing components, and reactions. You can also delete overrides of elements at the intersection with rules. In this case, the element settings will simply reset to default.
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