How to display reservations in a calendar view (in day, week or month mode)?

Open a table and go to Parameters.
Select the Calendar view of the table. Drag and drop the columns of orders and reservations that you need to display in the table. Click Save.
If the order contains a last name or a first name, they will be displayed on the reservation block. If they are not specified, the phone or e-mail will be displayed. If there is no contact information in the order, then the order number will be displayed instead.
Click on the reservation block in the calendar to display its details. The data that you have configured in the table is displayed on the right.
The details show information about one reservation, but there can be multiple reservations in the order. You will see the number of reservations in the title. To go to the order click on the order number.
Click on the calendar icon and select the desired period of time to display reservations. Use the forward and backward arrows to move to the previous or next period. If you select a period longer than a week, then Sunday will be also highlighted for your convenience.
As in usual tables you can filter reservations by statuses, resources and employees. To do this, open the filter and set the parameters you need.
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