Can I customize columns, sort order and filters in a table and save these changes?

You can add any columns to the table. To do this, open the settings and click on Add Column.
Above, you can select the sorting column. The table will always be sorted by this column when opened.
If there are multiple reservations in the orders, you can group the rows by order. To do this, place any column with order data at the beginning of the table.
To make this grouping work, remember to sort the table by order data. If you sort it by booking data, grouping won't be applied:
Here, you can also configure the visible time period of the table.
You can change the dates of the visible time period directly from the table.
However, when you open the table, the visible period will be set according to its parameters.
To open the filtering options, click on Filter. Here, you can specify which resources to display, reservation statuses, order statuses, and which employee the order is assigned to.
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