Can I customize columns, sort order and filters in a table and save these changes?

Yes. All this is possible.
To configure the columns, go to the table settings. To do this, click the gear icon.
On the settings form, simply click on the columns you want to add.
If you add numeric fields (such as deposit, balance etc.), you will also see totals for these fields in the table header.
If you need to know the totals of price options or fields, create a table without order columns. Add only the necessary reservation columns in it.
To open the filter settings, click on the filter icon.
On this form, you can specify what orders should be displayed: which resources, what statuses, and whether the customer already visited you or not.
To sort the data, just click on the column name. A second click sorts in the opposite direction.
You can also filter the table by the start, end, and creation dates of reservations.
All these parameters can be saved in the table with specific name. You can create any number of such tables for different situations.
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