I have a complex schedule. Will I be able to configure it?

Yes, you can set up any schedule.
Work hours can be configured in the same flexible way as events in Google Calendar or Outlook.
To define working hours in Bukza you should use Rules of work. Each resource can have up to 32 rules. You can create rules for working hours and non-working hours.
Each rule has its own working time schedule. It consists of working time periods. You can add as many periods as you want.
Each period can have complex recurrence rules.
You can give the customer the opportunity to choose the start and end time of the reservation. This is available in the resources of type Rental. You can configure rental Steps in the same flexible way as periods.
All these parameters allow you to set any work schedule, since they are based on the iCalendar standard. It was designed specifically to describe any possible schedule.
You also can copy the whole rule of work. New rule will contain the same parameters including overridden price options, fields etc.
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