How do the repetition periods work?

In the settings of the rule of work, there are tabs Working time and Rental intervals. The latter is relevant for resources like Rental. On these tabs, you can add periods.
Periods can be repeated in time according to different rules. To set the repetition of a particular period, click the Recurrence button. Or, just set Recurrence of all periods by clicking the appropriate button.
This will open the settings form of repetition.
On it you can use the following parameters:
  • Frequency of repeatition. Or how often there will be a repetition: once a day, once a week, once a month or once a year.
  • Repeat interval (Repeat each) allows you to skip the specified number of days / weeks / months / years when repeated. For example, to repeat every third day you need to set this field to 3.
  • Number of repetitions (Repeat .. times) - how many times you want to repeat.
  • Repeat to - up to which point in time to repeat. If you do not ask, then it's infinite.
  • By the minute - at what minutes of the hour to repeat.
  • By hours - at what hours of the day to repeat.
  • Days of the week - which days of the week and in which account within the month to repeat. For example: Wednesday = every Wednesday, 3 Friday = the third Friday of the month, -1 Sunday = the last Sunday of the month.
  • Months - in which months to repeat.
  • On the days of the month - which days of the month to repeat. For example: -2 = second from the end, 5 = the fifth day of the month.
  • Days of the Year - which days of the year to repeat. For example: -1 = the last day of the year, 100 = the hundredth day of the year.
  • By the week numbers - in which weeks of the year to repeat. For example: -1 = last week of the year, 10 = tenth week of the year.
  • By position in the set. In repetition, we form sets of dates within the repetition period: day, week, month or year. We can only take certain dates from this set and remove all the others. For example: with a monthly repetition on weekdays, you can specify positions 1,3,5,7,9 ... This will give out every odd weekday of the month.
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