What if I have fixed time slots?

You can specify any periods with any repetition intervals.
To do this, use the resource type - Event. And in the settings of the work rules, put out the necessary time slots.
As a result, after selecting a day, the client will be shown time slots to choose from.
If the event is multi-day, then the slots will show the time and number of days.
You can enter the name of the rule of work in these slots. To do this, open the resource settings and set checkbox Use button captions with rule names.
Here you can set the checkbox to paint buttons using color of rule.
At the same time fully booked slots will be painted in the color of bookings. That is, to become red.
Above the buttons, the slots also show the layout of the clock during the day. If it is not required, you can hide it with a simple CSS:
.timeline { display: none; }
Try to book by living example:
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