Can I redirect the customer to the specific web page after a successful order?

Yes. To do this, in the event handler code, handle the ORDER_COMPLETED event. You will get a code like this:
window.bukzaCallbackForBuzaContainer99999 = function(payload){
        //other handlers
        case 'ORDER_COMPLETED':
            window.location = ''
In the example above:
  • BuzaContainer99999 — the id value of the div container where the widget is inserted.
  • — a URL of the webpage where a customer should be redirected to.
If you insert code inside a widget, use something like this:
window.addEventListener('message', function (e) {
 if (e && e.origin
      && e.origin.indexOf('') !== -1)
   var message = JSON.parse(;
   switch (message.event) {
       //other handlers
       case 'ORDER_COMPLETED':
  = ''
   }, false);
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