Can I change text in the widget to my custom text?

Yes, you can easily change any widget text on the Localization panel. You also can choose one of 27 languages of the widget.
Here you can add translations for your descriptions and names of your resources, price options, fields, reactions, etc. To do this, add a new translation key, e.g. Room. And enter a translation for it, e.g. das Zimmer.
Then use this translation key in your parameters. Put them in curly brackets, i.e. {Room}.
If necessary, you can use nested translations, for example, {Room} #1 ({Upper floor}).

Currency output

You can set your custom currency format using the same translation method. Simply add a new translation with a CURRENCY_PATTERN key. And then set an appropriate value like: {0} ¥. As a result, {0} part will be replaced with the price value, and you will get something like: 33.75 ¥. You can also specify the number of decimal places in the format {0:N}. In this case, "{0:0} ¥" will give you: "34 ¥". And "{0:4} ¥" will give you the result like: "33.7533 ¥".

Custom months and days of week names

Using translations you can also modify the names of months and days. To do it you have to add a new translation for the text you want to change (e.g. Mon -> Mo).
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