How to configure integration with amoCRM?

Log in to your Bukza account. Go to the Configuration screen and open Integrations.
Click Create amoCRM сonfiguration.
Then fill in the details to connect your amoCRM account and click Get configuration.

Where to get the data to connect?

In amoCRM go to the Settings tab then API. You can get api key.

Set integration options

Set the check box Execute automatically after an order is completed. Now when booking by the customer the order will be automatically transferred to CRM. If you want to send data manually clear this check box.
There may be several bookings in the order basket. If you want all of these bookings to carry out all integration activities set the check box Execute for each reservation in the order.
In order not to create a duplicate contact set the check box Search contact by a field and select the field to search. So you can select up to three fields to search for duplicates.
If necessary create a contact and a lead with the required fields, status and pipe line. The transaction will be automatically attached to the contact. Specify the rules for moving fields (more on this below).
You can also create a note for a lead or contact. This note will provide a summary of the entire order:

Setting fields for contact and lead

If in amoCRM you added new fields or updated the values ​​of existing ones then be sure to click Refresh configuration in Bukza first.
For a contact or lead click Add Field. In the window that opens select the Bukza field from where the data will be taken. Then select the amoCRM field where you want to transfer this data.
All fields from Bukza are converted to strings with some nuances:
  • Check boxes values ​​are converted to '+' and '-'.
  • You can specify your own format for dates for example, '' for a short date or 'hh:mm' for time. If you leave the format empty, the amoCRM date format will be used: 'yyyy‑MM‑dd hh:mm:ss'.
  • The total share count is '0' when the exclusive price option was booked but the total share count in the exclusive price option booked itself is '1'.
For the correct transfer of the values ​​of lists and multi-lists their values ​​must exactly match the values ​​of the fields in Bukza. If they do not match then you will need to create more complex transfer rules. Read about it later.

How to pass a value if the fields do not match.

Suppose you have exclusive price options: Rate A, Rate B, Rate C. But in amoCRM, the selected tariff is selected from the select of values: A, B, C.
In this case, you will need to configure a separate field transfer rule for each price option. In each rule, you need to set approximately the following settings:
This will result in such a configuration.

Manual data transfer

Now on the order management screen, it has become possible to send an order to amoCRM.
Moreover you can customize the quick action button to do this in one click.
You can read more about setting up quick actions here.
It is important to note that if you deleted or updated fields on the Bukza or amoCRM side, you will need to refresh the configuration and save.
It is also important to know that the API key in amoCRM can be refreshed periodically in particular when changing the account password. Therefore we recommend periodically checking its relevance in the Bukza settings.
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