How can I send SMS notifications?

Enable SMS sending using the Web requests and any SMS service you want.
To create a web request go to the dashboard and open Templates and integrations.
In the window that opens click Create web request
On the configuration form, specify the parameters:
  • Name is the name for your convenience and will not be visible to customers.
  • Request URL. You need to take it in the service that you have chosen to send messages.
  • POST Request and Request Body. Here you can set a template for the POST request. This is also depends on the API of the SMS service.
After that you wull be able to send sms from the order form. To do this, go to the Manage tab.
If you want to send sms automatically or by clicking on a button, create a trigger for this. Add a task with an action to the trigger — Send web request. To create the trigger, read the instructions.
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