How to send SMS notifications?

Configure SMS alerts using Web requests and services that send messages.
To create a web request go to the Configuration screen and open Integrations.
In the window that opens click Create web request
On the configuration form, specify the parameters:
  • Name is the name for your convenience and will not be visible to customers.
  • Request URL. You need to take it on the site of the service that you have chosen to send messages.
We have chosen the SMS Center and for sending SMS we need to call GET or POST the address:<login>&psw=<password>&phones=<phones>&mes=<message>.
After inserting the address, follow the steps:
  • Replace login and password with your SMS Center login information.
  • replace phones with[PHONE]. Then SMS notification will be sent to the phone number specified in the order.
  • specify the message text in the message parameters. The message text must be encoded using the function Urlencoder в кодировке windows-1251. If [PHONE], [ORDER], [EMAIL] and [DATETIME] parameters are used in the message text, they do not need to be encoded in Urlencode. For example, we send the following text: 'Order no. [ORDER] has been confirmed'. First, encode the message part Order #, then insert the parameter [ORDER]. Now encode the rest of the message has been confirmed. As a result, we will receive the following message:
    '%C7%E0%EA%E0%E7%20%B9[ORDER]%E1%F B%EB%20%EF%EE%E4%F2%E2%E5%F0%E6%E4%E5%ED.'
After filling all the parameters, put the checkbox Send after order completion. Then SMS will be sent immediately after the order is completed. Save it.
If you want to check the order before sending a message, you do not need to set this checkbox. To do this, create a quick action with this web request. To create a quick action, use the instruction.
To sendr a new order to an alert fothe administrator, specify the administrator's phone number in the phones parameters.
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