What to do if I accept a payment from the customer via card to card transfer?

In this case you can use the "Orders with manual payment processing" payment method. Go to the dashboard and click Payment processing.
Then do the following:
Enter the required deposit amount.
Set the Accept these orders checkbox in the Orders with manual payment processing section.
It's better to add the card number to the On-screen message after placing an order. Then the customer will also see it after the order is completed. Enter the payment terms: the card number, the time allowed for payment, etc. They will be displayed to the customer in the order cart page.
Save it.
All orders received gets the "Pending" status. So they need to be processed manually. If the payment is received, confirm it. If it is not received — cancel.
You can also set auto-confirmation of the orders. Then orders will immediately get the "Confirmed" status. In this case you still need to cancel the orders that were not paid on time. To get this behavior, create a trigger that is executed When client order is received. Add a task to the trigger — Change the status to "Confirmed". You can also add sending a confirmation message.
Or vice versa, you can automate cancellation of pending orders. In this case you will only need to confirm the orders after you have received the payment. Unpaid orders will get the "Cancelled" status after the specified time. To configure this behavior, use the instruction.
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