What if I accept a prepayment from the client to the card?

Set the advance payment method in other ways. To do this, open Parameters. Click the Payments settings tab.
Do the following:
1. Specify the amount of the prepayment.
2. Set the Accept other payment types checkbox.
3. Below specify the conditions for payment: card number, what time is given for payment, etc. These conditions will be displayed in the sales order cart.
4. The card number is also written in the post-order screen message for orders paid using other payment types. Then the card number will be displayed after the order is completed.
5. Save it.
All orders received are in the Pending status. They need to be processed manually. If payment is received, confirm, if not received, cancel.
You can also set auto-confirmation of such orders. Then orders will arrive in the status Confirmed. It will only be necessary to cancel to do this, set the Auto-confirmation of orders paid using other payment types checkbox.
Or vice versa, you can set the auto-rejection of waiting orders. Here you will need to confirm the orders that you paid on time. Unpaid orders on time will receive the status Rejected after the specified time. To do this, set the checkbox Reject pending orders automatically after.... Specify the time.
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